Discover Provence

Let's danse on the bridge

Classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, this medieval town has a lot to discover and see, including the Palace of the Popes ( an imposing and majestic structure emanating the power and influence of the Catholic church ), the famous bridge, the remparts and fascinating narrow streets of the old town.

FYI: upside down. The medieval Saint Benazet bridge is worldwilde famous thanks to a popular childwood song entitled "sur le pont d'Avignon". In the song, people are dancing on the bridge, but more certainly, danses used to take place under the bridge, on the river banks. Open air parties or "guinguettes" as we say in french was a working class tradition.

A feast for the senses

aix en provence
The heart of Provence where art, history, colors and aromas form a harmonious blend which give this charming town its own particular identity. Coffee with newspaper or a drink with friends on the terrasse of one of Mirabeau square cafes is a lovely way to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the " l'art de vivre " of Provence.

FYI: the father of modern art: on the fountain place stands the statue of artist Paul Cézanne. He is represented with its canevas on his back, ready to hike toward his usual model: the saint victory mountain.

A crossroad of mediterranean cultures

Marseilles is the oldest town in France, dating back to the Greeks. It’s the capital of Provence and its majestic port and lively,warm atmosphere will certainly not leave you feeling indifferent. Marseilles offers an enormous range of interests and activities and is the point of departure to discover the highlights of Provence.

FYI: on the old port of Marseille, " le bar de la marine ".
This pictoresque cafe is a mythic place for all lovers of mediterranean culture and cinema. Here was filmed some scenes of writer Marcel Pagnol trilogy Marius, Fanny and Cesar. Other places along the old port will propose you a great gastronomic experience with this famous local speciality named bouillabaisse.