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Monaco Prince Palace shows the parade

changing of the Guards at Monaco
every day sharp at 11.55 a.m the same ceremony takes place in front of the Prince Palace of Monaco and attracts hundreds of tourists . The changing of the guards is the hilight of the day in Monaco that nobody wants to miss. So be there a few minutes before it starts and you will for sure be in a good position to take pictures !

Sunshine Riviera Tour invites you to taste local specialities in old Nice marketplace

Do you know the "socca" ?
this street food crepe made from chickpea flour and olive oïl is probably the most famous speciality in Nice. If you visit the farmers market in Nice old town, you will have the oportunity to try it. Play it like a local: put some pepper on it and enjoy it with a glass of rosé wine! Our team of licensed guides will make you also discover many other remarquable places to see during a walking tour in Nice. For sure, like us, you will fall in love with this city.

sunshine riviera tour is fan of " la Merenda" restaurant

 Nice old town promote mediterranean cuisine
Dear visitor,

I have always good restaurants to recomand and for sure you will like to experience local food during your visit in Nice. La Merenda is owned and operated by the former chef at Chantecler restaurant in the Negresco Hotel along the Promenade Des Anglais. He's an award winning, Michelin starred chef that left behind the elegant, stylish fine dining of the Negresco Hotel to do his own thing in a completely unpretentious and simple setting. The restaurant seats no more than 30 on uncomfy bar stools and tightly packed tables in a small dining room but the food is still amazing, world class and unbelievably well priced.

between sea and mountain

thei medieval fortress situated in Grasse countryside offers a fantastic panorama over the French Riviera. The village is listed as " one of the most beautiful villages in France ". I should add it is also one of the most charming and authentic in the region. If you are a hiker you can access to the village using an old donkey trail named the "paradise's path" and if you are more into biking, just know that the road was part of the Tour de France itinary. Otherwise, go the easy way with us, your guide has a lot of tips to tell you about this place

FYI: in the village, the main street will take you to the panorama place called "square Victoria". The Queen of England used to stay nearby during winter, in Grasse, and one of its favorite excursions from the city of perfume was this village.

The pearl of the French Riviera

French but yet so italien ! This elegant and colorful town has earned the nickname of "the pearl of France" due to its mild climate magnificent gardens and pleasant way of life, attracting numerous winter holiday-makers and residents.

FYI. Menton, city of citruses: a lovely legend is attached to the foundation of Menton. When Adam and Eve where banished from Paradise, Eve took a golden fruit. Adam got upset as he feared God's anger and asked her to throw away the fruit. After having crossed mountains, valleys and plains, they stopped on a remarkable bay with a mild climat and luxuriant vegetation. Everything reminded Eve Eden's sweet life. She burried the lemon and later was born a little paradise on earth: Menton.

sea sex and sun

saint tropez
This simple fishing village was discovered by artists and became a famous holiday spot for actors, musicians and writers and subsequently the playground for the international jet set. Behind this facade lies a warm authentic village that is a real delight to discover.

FYI: the village certainly hosts the most popular police station in France, thanks to the 60' comedy "le gendarme de Saint Tropez" featuring french popular actor Louis de Funes playing a police officer part in charge of arresting beach nudists.

a world of perfumes

The perfume capital of the world, only astone’s throw away from the coast and set in a floral paradise, Grasse offers the visitor the possibility to discover its famous perfumeries and boutiques by walking through the narrow streets of the old town steeped in centuries of history.

FYI: Grasse cathedral "Notre Dame du Puy" is a superb exemple of medieval roman style architecture. The church is proud to display two paintings of baroque style master Rubens and a rare religious one from born in Grasse rococo artist Honore Fragonard.

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