Discover the french riviera

the joy of living

The «Cap d’Antibes » offers the best panoramic view of the Cote d’Azur with its background of snow-capped mountains in the distance. Overlooking an array of luxury yachts is the old town of Antibes, with its impressive ramparts, and château, its colorful market and lively steets. Picasso was right in saying : Antibes is « la joie de vivre » !

FYI: billionaire's quay: when ego has no limits. Antibes has the largest marina in Europe. An extension took place in the 70' on demand of Middle East yachts owners who used to spend summer on the Riviera. From an average size of 50 meters long it has increased to more than the double at such a point that the new toy of a russian oligarch, and momentary largest private yacht in the world with 162 meters couldn't even fit in the harbour.

the Star of the French Riviera

: The “Beverly Hill Francaise” unrolls its red carpet to welcome you to the universe of luxury and elegance. Renowned for its sandy beaches and lovely bay, its streets lined with designer boutiques, luxurious hotels and grand casinos where so many famous stars have stayed and played.

FYI: located in the middle of the Croisette boulevard, the Carlton hotel is a top landmark of Cannes. Did you notice the particular form of its 2 domes? During the "Belle epoque" period, golden age of the Riviera, " la belle Otero" was a very successeful coutisan and renown for her beautiful breast that inspired, among her numerous lovers, the Carlton architect.

the artists muse

saint paul de vence
The view of the village from the road below is a real delight and behind its impressive ramparts lies evidence to its proud military past. Saint Paul de Vence is the second most visited village in France and invites you to discover its charm that has seduced so many famous painters, singers, writers and poets.

FYI: if you walk along the ramparts to the gate of Nice you will find the little cemetery of Saint Paul. Open the door and turn right: you will face a simple grave often covered with little stones ( a jewish tradition ) flowers or loving words written on pieces of paper. Here rest in peace painter Marc Chagall who spent its last 20 years in the village.


a medieval eagle's nest

The most famous perched village on the coastline, offers its visitors breathtaking views over the Riviera, rich history, art and crafts, tasty gastronomy and a perfumery all to be discovered through a maze of little winding cobbled streets.

FYI: from the bottom of the village a donkey path zigzags down to the sea level. A famous german philosopher used to hike on it before admiring the panorama and finding inspiration. This is why this path is now called the Nietzsche trail.

small is beautiful

World renowned for its luxury, glamour and flourishing economy , this tiny principality attained its reputation and stature thanks to the astute ability of its Princes. The royal palace overlooking the famous Grand Prix circuit and Monte Carlo, one of the favorite playgrounds for the rich and famous from around the world, all make Monaco a destination not to be missed during your stay on the Riviera.

FYI: we all remenber Alfred Hitchkok movie "to catch a thief" featuring Grace Kelly and Gary Grant. During a scene he asked her if the purpose of her journey on the Riviera was to find a husband. To years later Grace Kelly said yes to Rainier III and became, in reality, Princess of Monaco...

Nissa la bella

This beautiful and fascinating town, rich in heritage and identityis the Capital of the French Riviera and the 5th biggest city in France.Its interesting history, variety of colors and scenery,its marvelous bay and delicious gastronomy are guaranteed to enchant you andit is my sincere pleasure to help you discover and experience all its delights.

FYI. Nice, a greek name: Greeks from Marseille chose to establish a base for their navy about 300 years b.c. and gave to the place the name Nikaia, meaning victory, in honnor of greek goddess Nike. Here is probably the origin of Nice name.

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