Quality commitments

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We are committed to providing quality products and services. In doing our work, we will:

  • give highest priority to the health, safety and well being of residents in aged care homes
  • be ethical, honest, courteous, professional and respect confidentiality
  • be helpful
  • provide accurate information in plain language
  • work with aged care providers to promote continuous improvement and better practice in aged care homes
  • be accountable for our actions
  • be fair and unbiased in our actions and decision making
  • seek feedback on our products and services and use the information to monitor quality and to continuously improve
  • welcome comments, suggestions and complaints
  • analyse comments and complaints individually, and review collectively to identify and respond to any systemic issues
  • consult, on a regular basis, with representatives of the aged care sector and consumers
  • be customer-focused and efficient
  • meet all our statutory obligations. At an individual and at a corporate level, we strive to continuously improve.

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